SPRING 2018 Class Descriptions

Complete descriptions of offered courses, including suggested grade levels, instructor, class price, lab/materials fee, and required texts and materials, if any.  Great info to share with your evaluator!

SPRING 2018 Schedule at a Glance

A quick look at your student's day. Extremely helpful for planning your semester.

**Important Dates, Registration Information, and Payment Policies**

BEFORE registering your child for classes, read this updated information. This dated document supersedes all previous versions. We recommend that you save and/or print this document for your reference.

SPRING 2018 Instructors

Meet the instructors! 

Feel free to print these documents to aid in your class planning.

A Snapshot of Spring Classes


Short Story Writing--7-12

Arthurian Literature--7-12


Middle School Math: 6/5--Gr. 5-6

Middle School Math: 7/6--Gr. 6-7

Pre-Algebra--Gr. 7-8

Algebra I--Gr. 8-10

Algebra II--Gr. 9-12

Calculus--Gr. 11-12


MS & HS Earth Science--Gr. 5-8 & 9-12

MS & HS Anatomy & Forensics--Gr. 5-8 & 9-12

HS Physics--Gr. 9-12


MS History: The Ancients--Gr. 5-8

The History of Immigration in the U.S.--Gr. 7-12

Fundamentals of Economics--Gr. 9-12


Money Matters--Gr. 5-8

Games, Games, Games--Gr. 5-12

Cooking & Kitchen Economics--Gr. 5-12

Phys. Ed.--Gr. 5-12

Theater: Peter Pan:A Musical Adventure--Gr. 5-12

A Note about the SHG Math Program

At SHG, we believe firmly that the Saxon curriculum provides the strongest math preparation for our students. We have a proven record of student success in math, evidenced by student acceptance into college math, science, engineering, and college honors programs. Of course, not every student will be a scientist, but we believe that every student deserves a strong foundation in math. 

If you are new to the Saxon program, and are not sure in which class to enroll your child, placement tests are available to assist parents in determining the appropriate level. Feel free to contact the instructor through the group email with any questions about placement.

The placement test for Saxon 54, 65, 76, 87, 

Algebra 1/2, and Algebra I is here.

“Saxon Middle Grades Math Placement Test”

The placement test for Saxon Algebra I, Algebra II, Advanced Math, and Calculus is here. 

“Saxon Upper Grades Math Placement Test.”